Born in 1957 in Canada, I grew up and lived in Argentina for 23 years. It is in this country, where clay abounds, that I visited the ceramic studio of a friend of my parents and fell in love with the fantastic and magical world of clay. At first a hobby, I then worked as an autodidact following ceramic courses and workshops with local Argentine ceramic artists: George Basile and Guillermo Mañé.

After moving to Switzerland in 1990, I enrolled for a year at the Ecole d’Arts Visuel Ceruleum (Lausanne) and then spent four years at the Ecole d’Arts Visuels de Vevey obtaining a degree in Ceramics under the direction of French ceramist Jacques Kauffmann. Ever since I have been working as a full time ceramist in my own studio developing my personal work and sculpture, doing exhibitions and teaching.

Thus clay has become a passion and has been an essential element of my life.  Since I also come from a family who has been involved in industrial ceramics for eight generations (Villeroy&Boch), my father used to say that it is clay rather than blood that flows in my veins!

GAÏA is the Mother Earth of Greek mythology and makes allusion to our Earthly origins.


2017                - Silicone mold-making workshop, Art Fusion, Troyes (F)

2016                - Serigraphic workshop, Denise Lach, Arte Diem, Saint-Chamond (F)

2015                - Mold-making workshop, Sasha Wardel, Tenero (CH)

2014                - Workshop de calligraphie, Denise Lach, Pully (CH)

2010  -  2017    - Calligraphy workshops, Clair Mosnier, Lausanne, Switzerland

2014                 - Calligraphy workshop, Denise Lach, Pully, Switzerland

2011                 - Calligraphy workshop, Denise Lach, Grignan, France

2010                 - Porcelain workshop, Jingdezhen, China

2007                 - Mold-making workshop, Séverine Emery-Jacquier, Fribourg, Switzerland

2005                 - Paperclay workshop, Barbara Wagner, Basel, Switzerland

1995  -  1999    - Degree in ceramics, Ecole d’Arts Appliqués, Vevey, Switzerland

1994  -  1995    - Visual arts degree, Céruleum-Ecole d’Arts Visuels, Lausanne, Switzerland

1986  -  1990    - Learns wheel-throwing with Jorge Basile, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1987                 - Ceramic technology workshop with Guillermo Mañé, Buenos Aires, Argentina

1978  -  1980    - Degree as Kindergarten teacher, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2017                    - Inauguration of a 2nd studio, Orcesco, Piemont (I)


as of 2009           - Member of FormForum Suisse

2006  -  2010      - Inaugurates a studio-gallery, L' Atelier-Galerie Gaïa, Pully, Switzerland

2005                   - Teaches wheel throwing at the Ecole d’Arts Appliqués, Vevey, Switzerland

2003 - 2007        - Ceramic workshops for International Baccaleaureat students, International School of                         Lausanne, Switzerland

as of 2000          - Member of the Swiss Ceramics Association

as of 1998          - Works and teaches,  L’Atelier Gaïa, Pully, Switzerland

1985  -  1990      - Autodidact ceramic studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina


2013                    - La Tour de Sauvage, Romont, Switzerland

2007                    - La Bottega d'ell'Arte, Carouge, Geneva, Switzerland

2002                    - Swing Gallery, Pully, Switzerland


2017                  - Espace Aurore, Sorrens (CH)

                          - Ceramic Innovations, Wayne Art Center, Pennsylvania (USA)

                          - Aperti 2017,  Lausanne (CH)

                          - Terres de Lavaux, Lutry (CH)

                          - Résonances, Salon des métiers d’art, Strasbourg (F)

2016                  - Salon Européen Sculpturum, Paris (F)    

                          - Résonances, Salon des métiers d’art, Strasbourg (F)

                          - Extempore 2016, International ceramic exhibition, Zagreb (Cr)

                          - Argila, Faenza (I)

                          - Zelina 16 International Competition, Zagreb (Cr)   


2015                  - Salon Européen Sculpturum, Paris (F)    

                          - Résonances, Salon des métiers d’art, Strasbourg (F)

                          - Museum Schloss Fellenberg, Merzig (D)

                          - Art3F, Mulhouse (F)

                          - Galerie Arcane, Corcelles/NE (CH)

                          - Sept Fontaines, Luxembourg (L)

2014                  - Galerie de Grancy, Lausanne (CH)

                          - MAG 2014, Montreux Art Gallery (CH)

2013                    - Galerie de FormForum MUBA 13, Basel (CH)

                            - La Grange à Jouxtens, Jouxtens-Mézery, (CH)

                            - MAG, Montreux Art Gallery, (CH)


2012                    - Galerie Form Forum MUBA 12, Basel (CH)

                            - GMAC, Paris (F)

                            - Place Suisse des Arts, Salon d’Eté, Lausanne (CH)

                            - Résonnance, Salon Européen des Métiers d’Arts, Strasbourg (F)

                            - Galerie Tango, Lutry (CH)

                            - Exposition de l’Association des Peintres et Sculpteurs de la Côte, Gland (CH)

2011                    - FormForum for MUBA, Basel (CH)

                            - EUNIQUE, Karlsruhe (D)

                            - L'Espace Aurore, Sorens (CH)

                            - The Distill Cup, Distill Gallery, Ontario, Canada

aa                        - Sculpturelles, Galerie L'Artelier, Lausanne (CH)

                            - SUISSEHOME 2011, Bern (CH)

2010                    - FormForum for MUBA, Basel (CH)

aa                        - La Grange à Jouxtens, Jouxtens-Mézery (CH)

2009                    - FormForum for MUBA, Basel (CH)

                                     - Not Only Stones, L'Artelier, Lausanne (CH)

                            - 3ème Marché Swiss Ceramics, Carouge (CH)                            

                            - 8ème Salon de la Création Unicréa, Château de Coppet (CH)

                            - Keramikmuseum Mettlach Erlebniszentrum Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach (D)

2008                    - Keramik dieser Welt, Galerie Handwerk Koblenz (D)

a                          - Bols d'hier et bols d'aujoud'hui, Espace Céramique, Jouxtens-Mézery (CH)

a                          - 2ème Marché Swiss Ceramics, Carouge (CH)

2007                    - Papavero, Stäfa, Zurich (CH)

                            - The Distill Cup 2007 Competition, Distill Gallery, Ontario, Canada

2006                    - Concours Eco-conscience, Lausanne (CH)

                            - Terres d’Ici, inauguration de l’Atelier-Galerie Gaïa, Pully (CH)

                            - Elite-Tile 06-07, Dominican Republic

                            - Histoire de famille, La Grange à Jouxtens, Lausanne (CH)

                            - Angels, La Bottega d’ell’Arte, Carouge (CH)

2005                    - International Scarecrow Competition, Dennens (CH)

2004                    - Galerie du Jorat, Mézières (CH)

                            - Galerie de Grancy, Lausanne (CH)

2003                    - Schloss Keramik Markt, Schloss Neu Bechburg, Oensingen (CH)

2001                    - Espace Galerie Sebeillon, Lausanne (CH)

                            - ART Galerie, Lausanne (CH)

2000                    - Galerie Art au Pluriel, Vevey (CH)

1999                    - The Teapot, International Competition, Carouge  (CH)

                            - Keramikmuseum Mettlach Erlebniszentrum Villeroy & Boch, Mettlach (D)

1998                    - The Chess Set, Musée du Jeu, Tours de Trême, Switzerland

                            - The Chess Set, Musée de Sarguemine, France

1997                    - The Chess Set,International Competition, Carrouge, Switzerland


2016                    - 1er Prix et médaille d’Or, Zélina 16 Internationa Competition, Zagreb (Cr)

2011                    - People's choice prize, The Distill Cup 2011 Competition, Distill Gallery, Ontario, Canada

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«Geological strata contain the history of the Earth which accumulate chronologically by the successive deposits of mineral. The layers tell

us its story ...»


                                                                   Trinh Xuan Thuan